PRsue App for Runners: Powerfully effective. Easy to use. Driven by science.

You push yourself to stay fit. PRsue makes sure you make the most of every minute. Our science-based approach ensures that you are always training at the right intensity, so you get faster progress, lower risk of injury, and better performance than you ever dreamed possible.


Even world champions travel, become sick, or need to prioritize family obligations into their training routines. We get it. The PRsue app can’t create extra hours in your day, but it can automatically adjust your program to keep your training on track, even when life intervenes.


“How much should I run each week?” PRsue knows. Start with what you can do right now, and PRsue will increase your run volume responsibly, balancing work and rest to maximize your progress and reduce your risk of injury.


Different training intensities affect the body in different ways, and it’s not always related to what you feel in your muscles. Think of your body as having a series of gears. As the body shifts from one gear to another, it also shifts to different ways of fueling itself. PRsue knows and uses these gear shifts to make your workouts more effective.

With PRsue, you’ll never train alone.


A PRsue campaign is a comprehensive training plan designed to peak your performance at a point in time. If you are planning a race or other running event, PRsue will help you be ready and rested on race day. Even if you’re not racing, it is physiologically useful to have a target date for your training goal. PRsue can help you bash your PRs or get into the best shape of your life. 

A campaign comprises a sequence of progressive 4-week training blocks designed to optimize performance. You specify a goal, available training time, and 3-6 run days per week, then PRsue designs a program with the right combination of base, build, peak training, and taper periods to achieve your goal. Each workout targets a specific volume (i.e., how many minutes to run) and heart rate zone. If your schedule changes, you run more or less than expected, or deviate from the prescribed zones, PRsue automatically adjusts so you are always on track. 

You can set up an entire campaign on a single screen. Once you’re off and running, use PRsue’s powerful dashboard to analyze your performance and manage current and future workouts.

With PRsue, you’ll never train alone.

Most people give themselves at least 12 weeks to prepare for a 5K or 10K, and at least 16 weeks for a 10 mile or half marathon. Athletes training to perform give themselves even longer to prepare for these events, with campaigns lasting 6, 9, or even 12 months! Campaign lengths are always subject to individual differences, such as your fitness level and running volume at the start of your campaign.

If you don’t have a milestone in mind, we suggest that you create a fitness campaign that lasts for at least 12 weeks to reinforce the habit of running consistently, plus build your volume and fitness before you reassess.

Exploring Workouts and Performance

PRsue provides a powerful dashboard for seeing your workout plans and performance. The main screen shows planned and actual workout activity (excluding warmup and cool down) by week. Double tap the chart to view details for individual workouts in the displayed week.

The volume progress section shows the planned and actual minutes run for the displayed week, and how well you’ve stayed within the prescribed training zones during your runs.

The bottom graph charts your planned vs actual training volume by week over the entire campaign, giving you a clear picture of how you can expect your running volume to progress during your campaign.

Training Volume

Unlike other running apps, PRsue focuses on how many minutes you run instead of miles. Elite coaches often use this approach to maximize physiological gains per effort expended. Your campaign will start with a comfortable amount of time per week, derived from how much you’re currently running. PRsue will build your volume from there, balancing work and rest to optimize performance and minimize risk of injury.

Heart Rate Monitoring

We take training seriously, so we built PRsue to provide feedback based on your heart rate. It is the most viable and affordable way to make sure you are training in the prescribed zones to build endurance and get faster. Training effectively with heart rate takes some know-how, and heart rate is not without limitations—it can be affected by sleep, heat, humidity, altitude, and hydration (or lack thereof). 

PRsue generates zone targets based on heart rate, then we track the performance data from each workout to adjust future workouts. Simple charts show you a clear picture of your progress against your campaign goals.

Setting Training Zone

PRsue manages training intensity using heart rate zones based on your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (i.e., the intensity where your body starts to accumulate lactate in the bloodstream). To determine your training zones, you will perform a 30-minute challenge run with a heart rate monitor. This method is much more accurate than generic formulas based on age. (If you already know your LTHR, you’ll get a chance to enter it during the set-up process.)

Prepare for your challenge just as you would for a race. Get a good night’s sleep, make sure you are hydrated, and plan to run on a flat course in weather conditions that are the norm for your area. After a 5-10 walk or easy jog to warm up, run at the strongest pace you can sustain during your test. Mentally prepare to push yourself during this test—the closer you can get to running at your strongest effort for the duration of the run, the more accurate your results will be.

You can rerun the test periodically to update your training zones as your fitness improves.

JustRun Feature 

Some days, you may want to ditch your planned workout and just run. Our JustRun feature allows you to head out for a run at a pace and distance of your choosing. If you do it with PRsue and your heart rate monitor, we’ll credit your current campaign for the minutes you run and time spent in the prescribed training zones. We’ll also adjust going forward to make up for any deviation—missed or extra time—from your plan.

“This is an incredible tool for runners who really want to learn how to run healthy, wise and improve their time. The difference with PRsue compared to other fitness apps is that it does not just track your workouts, it explains and helps you understand how to improve your running. By the end of your first Campaign you will be running stronger and smarter, not harder. The app is really personalized to your fitness level and has all the data you need without making it complicated. I would recommend it to anyone.”

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