You drive the data. Data drives the app. The app drives you.


Ready to revolutionize your running? Welcome to PRsue.

PRsue is a responsive smart coach that knows running and knows you. By fusing data that you generate as you run with the same science used by elite athletes, PRsue creates fun, easy-to-follow custom workouts that target the right intensity to maximize fitness while minimizing risk of injury. Got a crazy schedule? Don’t worry! When life gets in the way, PRsue automatically adjusts your workouts to keep you on track. Whether you run for fun or for gold, PRsue helps you get the most out of every step.

How We’re Different

Custom-Designed Program

PRsue designs your workouts based on your current fitness, available training time, and a specific goal.

True Flexibility

PRsue automatically recalculates for missed workouts, extra runs, and other life changes so you’re always on track, indoors or out.

Real-Time Guidance

PRsue runs with you! We’ll tell you when to slow down or speed up to stay in your optimal training zones.

“I love PRsue as a whole! Zone training is really exciting because although it may be difficult to keep certain paces, I know I can physically do it because this is based on MY body. It pushes me harder than I would push myself! I can’t wait to get better at it!”

Minneapolis, MN